Mission and Ministries

The City of Refuge of NC, Inc.
Founder, Establisher, and Apostle: Cathy Farmer
Pastor: Apostle Ricky Locus, (July 2016)
Founded in July 1993


1.  A place of Refuge (shelter) meeting the need of the total man (spirit, soul, and body)

2.  The ministry’s first priority is to win souls to Christ and bring great Deliverance.  People helping people to better our cities and even our state.

3.  Building Project will house the:
     A.  Worship and Word Sanctuary
     B.  The Youth Ministry “Keeping young people off the streets, drugs, gangs, etc.”
     C.  Evangelistic Ministry
           ♦Feeding and Clothing
           ♦Transitional Housing


1.  Dance Ministry                        2.  Praise & Worship Ministry                  3.  Youth & Teen Ministry
4.  Bible Study                               5.  Men & Women Fellowship                  6.  Intercessory Prayer